Understanding Automotive Parts

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Replacing Your Truck's Dash Pad

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There are many older trucks that individuals enjoy restoring due to their appearance and reliability. In particular, 1981-87 GMC trucks can be extremely popular for individuals due to the power of these trucks as well as their dependability. The dash pad in these vehicles can sustain intense wear over the years of use, and this can be one of the components that individuals will want to have addressed first. Consider Whether The Dash Pad Can Be Restored Read More»

When You Want A Ferrari So Bad But You Can't Afford It: Buying It By The Piece

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Say “Ferrari” and everyone around you will think of the Italian luxury car in an instant. When you have wanted a Ferrari your entire life but you cannot afford one, what can you do? Well, you could do something really out of the ordinary. You could buy it piece by piece and then have it assembled when you have all the pieces together. Here is how to go about that.  Read More»

To Sell Or To Junk: That Is The Question

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Do you have an old, beaten up car sitting in your yard or garage? Maybe it’s a previous car that you just never got around to selling, or maybe it’s a project that just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anymore. Whatever the case, dilapidated old cars can be a serious eyesore that have the potential to negatively affect your property values and the property values of your neighbors. In some places, having old cars sitting around may even be against local ordinances. Read More»