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When You Want A Ferrari So Bad But You Can't Afford It: Buying It By The Piece

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Say "Ferrari" and everyone around you will think of the Italian luxury car in an instant. When you have wanted a Ferrari your entire life but you cannot afford one, what can you do? Well, you could do something really out of the ordinary. You could buy it piece by piece and then have it assembled when you have all the pieces together. Here is how to go about that. 

Ferrari Wheels

One of these wheels is essentially your grocery bill for a month or two. However, you could buy one wheel at a time until you have purchased all four wheels for the make and model you want. Store the wheels in a locked storage unit. Then move on to the next parts that are available for purchase. 

For more information about buying these wheels, contact a Ferrari wheels dealer. 


Having the engine and the wheels of this classic vehicle brings you close to having the real car because the engine and wheels are what make the car go. The engine is probably going to be one of the most expensive parts you purchase unless you break the engine down into several smaller parts and buy each of those parts separately. If you do it that way, you can build the engine and put it together over time until the engine is complete. 

Panels and Doors

Each of these is going to be its own separate and individual purchase. You will need to buy two doors, four side panels, a front hood panel, and the rear panel. Check with a local auto parts dealer to see how much each of these panels and doors is going to cost you. Then you can budget effectively for each one. 


Once you get this far and can buy the chassis, you are so close to having your own Italian luxury car that you can smell the gasoline and the burnt rubber on the road. The chassis will allow you to attach the doors, panels, and wheels and begin the engine installation process.

Add a few more mechanical parts and the internal guts of the car, and you will have your dream car. It probably has taken you a very long time to buy all the separate little parts to build an authentic Italian luxury car, but it is also a good feeling knowing that you have bought all the parts outright and you will not owe money on your dream car when this long journey ends.