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Replacing Your Truck's Dash Pad

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There are many older trucks that individuals enjoy restoring due to their appearance and reliability. In particular, 1981-87 GMC trucks can be extremely popular for individuals due to the power of these trucks as well as their dependability. The dash pad in these vehicles can sustain intense wear over the years of use, and this can be one of the components that individuals will want to have addressed first.

Consider Whether The Dash Pad Can Be Restored

Individuals will often assume that a damaged dash pad will always have to be completely replaced. However, it is usually advisable to consider whether the dash pad can be restored before you decide to have it replaced. In many instances, simply applying a fresh coat of leather finish or moisturizer to the dash pad can substantially improve its appearance. Unfortunately, these dash pads could sustain damage that may make the instruments or controls stop working as intended. If this is the case with your dash pad, it will have to be replaced to restore the full functionality of the vehicle.

Evaluate The Quality Before Buying A GMC Truck Dash Pad

Due to the fact that it is not possible to purchase a new 1981-87 GMC truck dash pad, you will likely have to resort to purchasing one of these components used. While a used dash pad can be in extremely good condition and may prove to last for years before showing signs of wear, you will still have to thoroughly inspect the dash pad to make sure that it is free of obvious signs of damage. At a minimum, this should include checking the dash pad for cracking, staining, or other signs of damage. While you may still choose to purchase a dash pad with slight wear, a thorough inspection will be required to determine whether the wear is minor or a forewarning of more serious problems.

Consider Whether Professional Installation Will Be Beneficial

Restoring your truck can be a rewarding task that will result in you having a high-quality vehicle. However, the process of replacing the dash panel can be more complicated than individuals assume due to the need to connect the controls. Otherwise, you may find that the radio, speedometer, and other components may not work as intended. Hiring a professional to install the replacement panel will be an inexpensive job that these services can complete within a matter of hours as they will have the needed tools and experience to be as efficient as possible.