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How To Make Some Money From Your Junk Car

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Salvage or junk cars are often bought and sold by salvage yards, but if you have an old car that is not running anymore, you may want to find a way to remove it from your property and make some money from the vehicle as well. Selling the car or the parts from the car can be profitable, but you have to be willing to wait for the right buyer.

Selling the Entire Car

Salvage cars for sale are not the first cars people will go looking for unless they need parts from the car or something very specific like an engine or transmission from the vehicle. Salvage cars are not always junk cars, and in many cases, a salvage car can be repairable if someone wants to spend the time and put the money into the project. 

If you list your salvage car for sale, you may find that it takes some time to find a buyer because most people are in search of vehicles that they can drive without having to make repairs first.

In some situations, the car you have for sale may be reasonably new but if you cannot or do not want to make the repairs, selling the vehicle as salvage is a way for you to move the car and your buyer to get a good deal on a car if they are willing to do the work to it.

Selling the Parts

Another option if you have a junk car for sale is to break the car up in parts and list the parts for sale one at a time. This is sometimes easier than selling the entire car because some of the parts on the salvage car for sale may fit several models of vehicles and multiple year ranges. If you have a useful starter motor, and it will fit many vehicles that have the same engine as your car, the potential group of buyers is going to be larger.

Selling the parts can take a while, so it is essential that you have a place to store them while you wait for a buyer. If you can remove the parts from the car and clean them up before you list them for sale, you may fair better or draw more attention to your listing. 

Once all the good parts are removed from the car, you can have a scrap yard come and remove the body from your property. While there is nothing left on the body of value, if the scrap yards can get it for free, they can make some money from recycling the steel that is left.

For more tips and information on getting money for junk cars, reach out to a salvage yard in your area.