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3 Tips To Keep Your Transmission In Solid Shape

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Your transmission doesn't get as much attention as your engine or tires when discussing what it is that makes your car go, but a car without a working transmission is a car that won't be going anywhere. To that end, if you want to keep your transmission running smoothly and your vehicle out of the car repair shop, here are a few tips that might help.

1. Your Transmission Fluid Needs Changing Too

Just about every car owner knows the importance of changing their engine oil on a regular basis. Your transmission has its own fluid as well though, and it should also be changed on a regular schedule. A local car repair shop can flush your old transmission fluid and add a fresh supply at the same time that it does your next oil change.

2. Be Aware of Your Momentum While Shifting

If your car has a manual transmission, you really need to be aware of your speed and momentum as you go from gear to gear. Putting the transmission into too high of a gear too quickly will cause needless wear and tear. When you have a manual transmission, it's very important you maintain patience as your car works to pick up speed. 

If your car has an automatic transmission, you also have something to watch out for: don't throw your car into reverse while your forward momentum is still happening. Yes, you might want to make that three-point turn quickly but taking an extra second to come to a complete stop at each point is worth the trouble.

3. Keep Your Foot Off the Brake

One bad habit that many drivers have is to always ride with their foot on the brake when it does not need to be. Every time you tap the brake pedal, you are making the transmission do a bit of work. Learn to coast for a while after going downhill as long as there is no danger. Keep extra space between yourself and the vehicle ahead of you, so you don't constantly feel the need to brake.

Your car is pretty much worthless without a working transmission. If you want your transmission to last for many years to come while avoiding expensive car repairs, try and be more conscious of how you are shifting your vehicle and how often you are touching the brake pedal. If you encounter any transmission problems, reach out to a local car repair shop like Suburban  Driveline Inc for help.