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Three Potential Issues Your Transmission May Encounter

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A faulty transmission can quickly cause your car to stop functioning. While this problem will leave you at a risk of being stranded, it will also result in major repair costs as the transmission is one of the most complicated parts of your car. By being on the lookout for potential issues with the transmission, protecting your car against the risk of major transmissions damages will be easier for you to do.

Slipping Gears

In order to function, your transmission must be able to lock the correct gear into place. Unfortunately, it can be possible for the gears to slip, and this can lead to the car having difficulty accelerating along with making any gear shifts much rougher for those inside the car. Over time, this problem will substantially worsen due to the gears suffering further damage. By having the transmission inspected and serviced as soon as you notice this issue, the odds of needing to replace or rebuild the transmission will be greatly reduced.  

Burning Smells

As you are driving the car, you may find that the cabin starts to fill with a burning odor. This odor can come with many problems, but if you are noticing any other issues with the transmission, this could be a good indication that the transmission is generating enough friction to burn the fluid, seals and other components. You should immediately stop driving the car when this issue is encountered as it can rapidly put you in a position where your car is at risk of suffering catastrophic mechanical failures or even igniting.  

Loud Sounds

Grinding or clunking sounds coming from your engine can be a major indication that there is substantial damage occurring. In particular, the transmission can be prone to making these sounds when the vehicle is in the process of shifting gears. These sounds are often caused by components of the transmissions rubbing against either or colliding in unexpected ways. While you may think that the car is still relatively drivable, you can be causing substantial damage to the vehicle if you continue to drive it while it is making these sounds.

Repairing a faulty transmission is an issue that most car owners will find that they must do at some point over the time that they own their vehicles. Understanding the hazards that slipping gears, burning odors as well as strange sounds can represent will allow you to better protect the vehicle against the expenses of major transmission repairs, rebuilds, or replacements. 

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