Understanding Automotive Parts

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Top Reasons It's Worth It To Invest In An Electric Impact Gun For Your Auto Repair Shop

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You might always be looking to purchase new tools and equipment so that you can do a better job of operating your auto repair shop. You might have purchased various tools since you have been running your shop, but you might not have gotten around to purchasing an electric impact gun just yet. An electric impact gun is a good investment for most automotive repair shops and other shops that work with cars. Read More»

Replacing Old Hoses On Your Car's Air Conditioning System

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The air conditioning hoses under the hood of your car play an essential role in the way the system works. As the hoses age, they can begin to crack and wear, and replacing them before they fail will help ensure the AC in your vehicle continues working.  Hose Location The air conditioning hoses on vehicles that use them are located under the hood of your car. The hoses connect the air conditioning compressor on the vehicle’s engine to the condenser at the front of the vehicle. Read More»